The Session
The Session usually meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 in the Fireside Room for a time of discernment and decision making. Session meetings are open to all visitors. The Session Committees are: Stewardship, Building and Grounds, Lakeside Children’s Center, Christian Education, Celebration, Mission, Personnel, Stewardship, and Worship and the Arts.

Dan Anderson
Steve Aurilio
Joel Bruxvoort
Mike Copani
Arlene Doyle
Chris Gelini
Will Robison
Bill Tuiasosopo
Andrea Thurston
Jaki Fielding
Jesse Medlen

The Deacons
The Deacons are an elected organization of church members whose ministry is the care and well-being of all God’s people in and around Lakeside Presbyterian Church. They meet once a month in the social hall after church on Sundays. Their ministries include: Congregational Concerns, Prayer Chain, Flowers, Hospitality, and Communion Preparation.

Beverly Wong Moderator
Margaret Colfer Vice Moderator
Sandra Tye Treasurer
Patty Quach Secretary
Committees and Chairs
Mimi Johnson Care Notes
Communion-Patty Quach Communion
Penina Tuiasosopo Congregational Concerns/Cards
Sandra Tye Flowers
Jim Coppfer Hospitality
Margaret Colfer Mission
Elaine Padian Respond
Kristine Doyle Visitation

Lakeside Presbyterian Church is rooted in loving God, loving our neighbors, and living our lives in a manner befitting the Lord. This is the best and only way we, as followers of Christ and good citizens, can fulfill our mission. The church was founded in the summer of 1941 in the home of The Rev. Dr. Harry Clayton Rogers and the congregation moved into the original building in 1942. For seventy-five years, Lakeside has been a beacon of light to the Ingleside and Stonestown communities, as well as to the city of San Francisco. We celebrate our faith through worship, education, mission, and outreach. Everyone who wishes to worship the Lord God Almighty is welcome here!

We belong to a denomination of 1.9 million members with historical roots in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Presbyterian comes from the Greek presbuteros, elder, reflecting our belief in a representative form of church government under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lakeside was founded in 1942, and is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Presbytery of San Francisco, and the Royal School of Church Music. Simply stated, we are working and walking the path paved with values instilled in us by the teachings of Jesus. We encourage you to come with us, especially if you are seeking answers to your questions of faith and spirituality.

The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy governed by individuals elected from and by the congregation. Authority in the Presbyterian Church resides with the duly elected representatives of the congregation in the appointed church governing bodies. Lakeside Presbyterian Church is governed by the Session.